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AST releases policy briefs on education, health and water
25.06.2011 12:04
Policy briefs based on Cost Effectiveness Analysis of policy alternatives to address important issues in education, health and water sectors were released today and disseminated to government counterparts.
OSCE and AST publish and present findings of the Returnee Survey
15.01.2009 16:24
A comprehensive study on returnee flows and reintegration challenges in Armenia was presented today at the OSCE Office in Yerevan.

ILO and AST discuss a research paper on migration and development with key stakeholders
17.07.2008 17:12
The findings and recommendation of the study named “Armenia: Migration and Development” were discussed today at a workshop with participation of national and international stakeholders. 
OSCE and AST present the second study on labour migration from Armenia
28.11.2007 16:58
Findings of the study named "Labour migration from Armenia in 2005-2007" were presented today to relevant government agencies, civil society organizations and the research community.
OSCE and AST present study on labour migration from Armenia
09.02.2006 19:09
Labour migration from Armenia between 2002 and 2005 is the focus of a study, presented today by the OSCE Office in Yerevan and AST to governmental officials and representatives of local and international organizations.  
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Featured project

Improving public expenditure accountability in Armenia
The project aims to strengthen the analytical underpinnings of the policy debates around public expenditure priorities and their impact, thus improving the governance of public service delivery. 
The project is funded by UK Department for International Development and managed by the Global Development Network and Results for Development.
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