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Projects » Justice and human rights » Juvenile justice in Armenia: Perspective of children in conflict with the law
Juvenile justice in Armenia: Perspective of children in conflict with the law
Implementation period:
September - December 2009
UNICEF Armenia, OSCE Office in Yerevan
As part of its democratic reforms, Armenia has committed itself to setting up a proper legal framework as well as the mechanisms necessary for the effective functioning of a juvenile justice system that has the child’s best interests in mind. Among other provisions, international conventions and guidelines call for child-centered orientation and respect for the views of the child. Although over the past decade international organizations and local NGOs have commissioned several independent assessments of the juvenile justice system, the perspectives of young offenders have not yet been looked at. Thus, assessing the opinions of children in conflict with the law who are in Armenia’s juvenile justice system was deemed necessary.

The project funded by the OSCE Yerevan Office aimed at discovering what the children thought about the how effective the prevention of delinquent behavior, correction and rehabilitation of young offenders is, as well as how well respected child rights are at all stages of the process. 

By looking at various institutions with children with behavioral problems and children in conflict with the law, the study sought to understand the views of the juveniles on several important issues such as their treatment in these institutions, the protection of their rights, the effectiveness of various sanctions imposed on juveniles and the perceived impact of those sanctions on their future life, and their concerns and needs in terms of successful rehabilitation.

The findings of the study were included in UNICEF/OSCE joint report on juvenile justice reform achievements in Armenia.

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