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Projects » International migration » Armenia: Migration and Development
Armenia: Migration and Development
Implementation period:
March - August 2008
International Labour Organization
Effective governance of labour migration entails making migration work better for development, enhancing possible benefits such as financial flows, technology transfer and entrepreneurship, and mitigating negative consequences such as loss of skilled human resources. While there have been studies concerning Armenia on labour migration and remittances, this was the first study in the framework of migration and development.

The study looks at four interrelated issues: a) labour migration and return, b) emigration of skilled human resources, c) response of the Armenian education system to signals from local and global labour markets and d) Armenian policies and international best practices for enhancing the development potential of migration.

The findings and conclusions of the research are based on primary and secondary data. The primary data was collected through focus groups, structured and semi-structured interviews with returnees, major Armenian employers, young graduates, representatives of education system, Diaspora organizations, and key players in the Armenian migration field. The findings of previous researches on Armenian migration, and official statistics on the Armenian labour market, external migration processes, and education, were used as secondary sources.
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